Official Business


The Walnut Hill CC., Inc. General Business Meeting will be held on:
Thursday, March 4th, 2021 at 7 p.m. sharp.

NEW Location: Faith with Love Fellowship Church on corner routes 94 & 517 across from the Mc Afee Firehouse 

General business meetings are held semi-annually. Meeting notices will be sent to all members along with proxy-ballots for voting. We encourage all members to attend the meeting if they are able. If you cannot attend you can vote by mail. Hope to see you there.

We do have special meetings, these will be sent to you by mail and email if we have your email address.  



Vernon Valley Lake ~ 2021 Officers & Trustees

President - Michael Whitaker ~ 973-600-5720

Vice President -   Eric White 973-903-9412                   

Sec./Treas. - Andrea Cocula  ~ 973-764-3526; Cell ~ 973-222-8915


  • David Claxton 973-588-3445

  • Pastor Nick Fontana  ~ 973-764-1174

  • Frank Moore ~ 973-764-2968

  • Andrew Vandepolder ~ 973-764-0776

Serve as a Board Member!

If you are interested in serving on the Board of Trustees, please write to the Club by July 15th.


Bylaws, Amendments and Deed Restrictions


New Member - Welcome Documents and Forms

If you are new to our lake community, here is an important form you will need to fill out. Please print and mail the form to the address given.  Also below is some very useful information. Thank you and welcome to Vernon Valley Lake.


Dues and Other Fees

Initiation Fee

Initiation Fee of $800 is charged to all new members and owners of property in the community.


$140 per year due and payable on March 1st. You are entitled to a $40 discount for Dues PAID IN FULL and received on or BEFORE March 15th. They are $100 per year.

Please mail dues to:
Walnut Hill Country Club Inc
859 County Route 517
Glenwood, NJ 07418


Dues Status Request Form

All property owners within our lake community must pay the yearly dues as set forth in their property deed Conveyances and restrictions. There are no exceptions and the paying of yearly dues cannot be waived. It should be noted that when a court judgment is pursued by the Walnut Hill Country Club for the non-payment of dues, the Club will also seek to recoup its legal cost when seeking a court judgment. Legal cost such as attorney's fees etc. often are much more than the dues owed. See here Supreme Court Decision Highland Lakes Country Club vs. Franzino. This case allows NJ lake communities to collect unpaid dues and all related cost associated with collecting said dues. The above case also allows for lake associations to recover monies from new owners acquiring property who's predecessors had a debt outstanding to Lake Associations. See also Supreme Court Chancery Division Decision Fortune Savings Bank vs. Von Glahn

To obtain the dues status of a property within our Deed Restricted Community, please download and submit this form. Revised: 9/2018

Please remember that we are a volunteer organization. We ask you send this request in at least one week prior to the closing date. We can email you information back to  you.

Please suggest that the purchasers visit our web site: & our Facebook page.

Thank You ~ Andrea “Bunny” Cocula, Sec./Treas.


Short Term Rental Application Form

Click here to download the form.


Deed Restriction Upheld by Superior Court

On September 28, 2015 Judge Stephen Hansbury of Sussex County Superior Court ordered that all deed restrictions attached to the Walnut Hill Country Club continue for another 20 years. Deed restrictions will be extended until June 1, 2035 at which time the association can reapply after a general election. 


Season and Family Guest Passes

Members in good standing must purchase a $100 per family, per season, non-refundable, non-transferable pass for their guest.

Guest pass, available to members in good standing for $3 per day, per guest, OR $50 per season.  Guests must be accompanied by a member OR notify the club of their guest’s use of the facilities in advance.

A GUEST is anyone who is not a voting member of the Walnut Hill Country Club and does not own property at Vernon Valley Lake. We will offer a FAMILY GUEST PASS again this summer.  Guests must be sponsored by a member in good standing, and must pay a fee ($100 per annum).  Family Guest passes are non-refundable, non-transferable. A Guest must apply to the Club in writing.  Acceptance does not include voting privileges. It will be the responsibility of the sponsor to recommend only those persons who will abide by the Rules & Regulations and By-laws set forth and voted on by the membership. In addition to the above, a Season Pass of $50, or a Daily Fee of $3 per person can be purchased by a club member only, and can be used for fishing also.

Beach monitor on duty is in charge of the beach area and parking lots, and failure to cooperate with him/her may result in the suspension of swimming privileges.

No swimming is permitted after dusk.

Food, drink, alcoholic beverages, and animals are prohibited in the beach (sand) area.