Rules & Regulations


A club community is formed to attain a life-style and to establish a quality of living not ordinarily achieved under other types of community organizations.  It is presumed that when a family becomes part of such a club they are in agreement as to its goals, ideals and regulations.  Conduct that is detrimental to the general welfare and contrary to the community plan of necessity will be viewed as an indication that those people so actively no longer wish to be a part of the community.  For this reason, persons acting in detriment to the general welfare shall be subject to suspension of any and all club privileges.  They will, of course have the right to request a reinstatement by an appeal to the President and the Board of Trustees.

The following regulations are provided as a guideline, which will hopefully result in that type of community in which we all want to live.





  • Initiation Fee of $800 is charged to all new members and owners of property in the community.
  • Dues Status Fee is $100 per request payment to be made in full prior to the records being sent.
  • Property Transfer Fee is $400 per purchase of property with in the community of a person already a member for each purchase.



  • $140 per year due and payable on March 1st.  You are entitled to a $40 discount for Dues PAID IN FULL and received on or BEFORE March 15th  are  $100. 8% interest is charged on all late dues & fees. Amounts over $1,500 due will be charged 18% per year on all unpaid balances.



  • Members in good standing can purchase a $100 per family, per season, non-refundable, non-transferable pass for their guests.
  • Guest passes, available to members in good standing for $3 per day, per guest, OR $50 per season.  Guests must be accompanied by a member OR notify the club of their guest’s use of the facilities in advance.
  • No swimming is permitted after dusk.
  • Food, drink, alcoholic beverages, and animals are prohibited on the beach .



  • Boats and canoes shall be registered with the State of N. J. if they are powered by an electric motor.
  • No boats powered by internal combustion engines are allowed on the lake.
  • No boats or rafts are permitted in the swimming area. 
  • Docks are limited to a length of ten (10) feet.
  • No activities, which pollute or threaten to pollute the lake, are allowed, including dumping of any foreign matter into the lake or the use of soap or shampoo in the lake.

Fishing is governed by the N.J. Fish & Game Laws, and you MUST have a N.J. fishing license



  • All new homes are subject to a $500 Building Fee.
  • The use of any property is limited to residential purposes, and no construction shall be undertaken for purposes other than residential.
  • The Building Codes and Zoning Ordinances of Vernon Township govern construction.



  • Garbage is to be put out on the day of collection in covered containers and plastic bags, and the empty containers are to be removed from the roadside the same day.



  • Nothing shall be done which shall hinder the drainage and normal flow of water.
  • Leaves and refuse are not to be place on club property.  The expense of their removal shall be borne by the person who placed them there.



  • Parents are reminded of their liability for the vandal us acts of their children as per N.J.S.A. 2A:53-14.
  • Consumption of alcoholic beverages on the premises of the club facilities is prohibited and the discharge of firearms, air guns and hunting of all types in the area designated as the Walnut Hill Country Club.
  • Out door fires are regulated by N.J. Statues and the Codes of Vernon Township.
  • No domestic animals will be permitted to run loose.
  • No disturbing noises will be tolerated after midnight.
  • ALL club facilities close at DUSK.
  • No loitering will be permitted on the premises of the club facilities when they are closed or on any of the roads within the community.
  • The use of any of the club’s recreation and sports facilities is subject to the rules and regulations set forth by the Board of Trustees.
  • Only members in good standing can make complaints, recommendations, and vote, attend meetings, be active on a committee or be a candidate for any office.
  • Vehicles with a gross weight in excess of four tons shall not use club roads or parking lots except where such vehicles are necessary and reasonable for the construction, maintenance or improvement of real property within the community or for the transportation of goods to and from homes within the community.  Under no circumstances are vehicles with a gross weight in excess of four tons permitted to park on club roads or parking lots or anywhere within the community except in connection with the performance of the activities enumerated above.


Revised 11/2017